Integral Leader Kickstarter Kit


Thank you for accepting our invitation to join us and dive deeper into the practice of Integral Leadership. Below you will find a complementary package of inspirational and instructional resources that Brett Thomas mentioned in his recent Integral Life article entitled "Kickstarting a Movement: a Call for Integral Leaders."

Please leave comments below and share with us and others how you like these free materials, how you intend to use what you are learning, and what other types of instructional materials you would find useful. (This will also inform the agenda for Saturday's "Integral Community Town Hall Meeting" at 11am U.S. CT.)


1. Integral Leadership Case Studies

Includes Integral Business Transformation - Laura Roberts, How to Create an Integral Trojan Horse -  Edward West, and Conscious Business - Rand Stagen [mp3 and pdf]

(The mp3 and pdf are large files so if on a slow internet connection, its best if you right-click and download them to your computer first, then open them rather than just viewing in web browser by clicking.) 

2. The Leadership Rosetta Stone (Very simple model of Integral Leadership)

Introducing the Leadership Rosetta Stone by Brett Thomas [mp3 and pdf]

3. Universal Translator Tool

Universal Translator Reference Sheet, Universal Translator Worksheet example and blank worksheets [pdf and Word documents in a single Zip file for easy download]


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Fred Kofman once wrote something about knowledge that is basically worthless if it does not lead to action or better: new ways of acting (as far as I remember…) I named my company ROOM TO MOVE not ROOM TO THINK. So I am totally with you – since 2008 … Thank you for your engagement, Brett! Good luck from Munich

Thank you for creating this space for an integral leadership dialogue & shared experience

This is very exciting and certainly extremely important at this critical time. I’m looking forward to the unfoldment.

Did anyone else notice that Laura’s case study cuts off at page 4 and then her profile says page 10. Are we missing 6 pages?

  • I saw that too,.

  • Yes this is true two articles have missing pages here in the case studies

Brett, thank you so much for providing this valuable information and framework. I am a Canadian who moved to Brazil just over three years ago, and I can identify very well with the clashing of leadership styles between green and blue. Putting on the blue contact lens was admittedly, a bit challenging at first, but necessary for me to survive in my every day efforts (especially in dealing with house staff that wholeheartedly took advantage of someone wanting to collaborate for their wellbeing!). I look forward to getting into this much more and learning to apply integral theory in a very practical and necessary way.

Brett, you really inspired me! Thank you.

  • You are very welcome Tarika. :-)

You can NOW register (free) for Saturday’s Integral Community Conference Call! (See page link at top right of this page). I hope you will all join us!

The collection of this material is amazing. It is inspiring that the Integral community is finally rallying together to form a movement.

  • Thanks so much Claudia. That makes me happy to hear you like this initial material. The ILC plans to continue to share some of the best insights and excerpts from some of the most popular presentations with the broad integral community for free. (Inside the ILC we have 70+ hours and hundreds of slides and pages of presentations in our growing library). I’m glad you liked what our team selected to share in this first effort to bring some of this to broader community.

thank you for all this material – I will be able to comment once I’ve worked through it

Hi, thank you for the wonderful work you do mapping it all, putting the pieces together into a coherent mass new wave movement. Making it easy to find other people, exchange ideas, share a language and move globally. I’m looking for people in living in Seoul, South Korea to meet, think, exchange and evolve together. On a larger international ground, I have to two big project, one about water, the other about giving. They both involve integral community transformation by education through books, expos, internet platform, etc. for contact: This spring, we can create a change, together!

  • Thanks Dana. Yes perhaps this is the “Integral Spring” hahaha! I can’t wait to see how many people join the international conference call this saturday.

  • Brett…will there be additional calls beyond tomorrows? I will not be able to attend, but certainly interested in the movement! Thanks! -Denver

These type of examples of theory in action and pragmatically useful tools are what “integral” has been missing for a long time.

I would very much like to connect to the integral activists in Asia and drive some integral initiatives together.

  • Hello Hong Kong people. I am in Hong Kong and through out Asia frequently in the year, and would love to connect with you!

  • What distinguish local community from cyber community is the irreplaceable in-person “WE” connection. Shall we find a time and convenient place to meet, Causeway Bay, Tsimshatsui or central ?

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I like this very much. I’ve always thought I was not a natural leader – now I find I am just a different type of leader, effective in different types of situations. I am not command-control, I am sharing. Collaboration. Always. I will never seek political power, only to share with like-minded others in a quiet way. And that’s enough, now.

Could you please repost the Universal Translator in the .docx format rather than the .zip format so that I can open it?! Thank you for doing this and for ALL of your big spirits, hearts and brains at work and play in the world!

  • Thia, send an email to and they will email you the docs!

Thank you Brett for the article and all the associated material. It is extremely heartening to hear the word “movement” in the Integral context. Almost five years ago, I had written a detailed proposal to Ken Wilber, as to how to take the Integral Concept on a “Mass Scale”.

I am from Bangalore, India. And we Indians know, how some of the “Spiritual Leaders” take their message to millions across the Globe. Ex; Sri Sri Ravishankar and Baba Ramdev. Both of them convey their message (through trained assistants) and have massive following. I had suggested and sent a proposal to Ken Wilber, how it is important to take the Integral Spirituality message in a similar fashion. ( I hope to find the proposal and post it again).

In India, we are trying to incorporate the concept of Integral Politics into a new political party. And our challenge is to train the grass roots political workers to talk the language. I hope the material that Brett has posted will help.

  • You’re very welcome Dr. Shanara. I hope you will try to join us this Saturday. We would love to hear more from you.

HI Everyone, Just fresh on this. Im about to launch a global event ‘30 Days of Living Yoga’ inspired by oneness- the essence of yoga – yoga studios around the world do yoga or 30 days and live simply – maximum contribution, minimum consumption. They raise money and awareness for underprivileged children and for Mother Earth. The event is in August, we begin registration in two weeks – May 1st. It also has a portal to an integral video library – ’ The 365 portal’ provides both professionally and user-generated videos that will support integral living and being – for the body ( ie. yoga classes) , heart ( art ) , mind (talks, learning) , spirit ( darshan-spiritual talks) for self, community and planet.

We launch our registration in a couple of weeks.

I’ll review some of the literature above as this project revs up. We are pretty grass rootsy organizationally, but we anticipate our outreach being quite extensive , and therefore greater degrees of complexity kicking in.

Would love love love any support in term of integral leadership. If there is anyone out there who’s interested in providing some consulting it would be greatly appreciated.

Blessings to all you inspiring leaders !!


I just returned from meeting a new candidate for office of National Chief of all of Canada and I have more than a concept for sharing my knowledge with anyone who moves to take-part. I already have leadership going for healthy social change here in Indain Country. I consciously spelt in-dian this way. While, I am feeling basic fear and think more receptive to trusting this process of integral leadership, after reading all this information, I find myself thinking that this is somehow – colonialistic – in that you / they will TEACH me. Teach me by a historical systemic domination. I often read this as you / they will make me further reject my traditional and cultural source of how I identity inter-personal relating – as a Indigenous North American. Anyhow,I liked this approach and saw for myself – I can see aspects of my vision of leadership included in all models presented here. So I conscientiously enter into this leadership quest and trust the process. I have found that when I share with others – I am humbled with how they share with me and they grow empowered and I am just me. Miigwetch, Tansi, Pilamaya, Merci, Thank you for this opportunity to share!

  • Sounds like Integral Leadership is alive and well in Canada!

I’m working on a few projects through Arizona State University including laboratory engagement projects called Socio-Technical Integration Research (STIR). The idea is to intervene in laboratory practices with subtle social science research instruments to spark reflexive thoughts in scientists and engineers. We ask questions about why they are choosing specific materials, what impacts their research might have on society, et cetera. We do this in a patterned way over 12 week periods to entrain lab personnel in nanotech and synthetic biology labs. Laboratory engagement (a.k.a mid-stream modulation) is a wide-open field with lots of room for experimentalism in the spirit of John Dewey and others. Perhaps in the near future we could develop a research instrument influenced by Integral Leadership.

It should be mentioned that governance studies these days in academia would view the Rosetta Stone as a bit simplistic. We talk about socio-cybernetic systems, for example, no one actor has actual control over the system even if specific managers utilize command-and-control tactics in their particular sphere of influence. Such a model is actually quite integral, in the sense that self-regulation or co-regulation is only possible by first viewing the system as a co-production.

I also co-operate the Prevail Project and the Seven Horizons Project, which hope to build bottom-up capacities for socio-cybernetic management of emerging technologies and assess emerging technologies in terms of how far down the line their impacts are likely to be, based on the best evidence available.

I started reading Ken’s work in high school, attended a 2005 ILP seminar in Petaluma, got a BA in philosophy, entered a Gelugpa monastery in 2006, and now finishing a master’s degree in science and technology policy. I would be interested in contributing case studies from our laboratory engagement studies at the Center for Nanotechnology and Society if you are interested in how emerging technologies laboratories might fit in to the Integral Leadership paradigm.

As for organizing a movement, Integralist thinking will have its season I think. Whether it can work now calls for experimentalism to the hilt!!!!!! I’ll be in Washington DC this summer working for CSPO (the #1 US science, technology, and public policy think tank) and could convince journalists from Slate magazine and other affiliates to cover any events you might want to organize.

Good luck, and contact me if you want.

  • This is great, it makes me think we need some kind of online directory of all the cool integrally-informed projects. I’ll ask the ILC staff about this.